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Canvas Bag Care

1. Let any mud dry and bruxh off any large pieces.
2. Spot clean the canvas using a damp sponge, rubbing in the direction of the drilll of the fabric.
3. It is best not to use a cleaning cloth that is too abrasive such as a scouring pad as this will lift the pile of the fabric.
4. More stubborn marks can be removed using a small brush such as a toothbrush and a small amount of mild hand-washing detergent, again rubbing in the direction of the drill.
5. Blot with a clean absorbent cloth and leave to air-dry at room temperature.
6. Pad out the bag and its pockets with paper to maintain its shape whils drying.
7. Do not immerse the bag in water or wash in a machine. The fabric and leather components of your bag are not suited to being soaked in water or detergent.

Leather Bag Care

1. Our leather luggage is made from leather with a specialist waterproof finish. The main body requires no further leather treatment although the heavy leather used for trim and strapping can be kept supple by application of natural leather food such as Jeffries Natural Leather Care.
2. Components are solid brass and if required can be buffed with metal polish and a soft cloth.
Leather Belt Care

Leather Belt Care

1. Our belts are made fro best quality Englis bridle hide. If not worn for a period of time the natural wax in the leather may appear as a bloom on the service. If wished, the bels can be polished by gently buffing with a soft cloth.

Harris Tweed

1. Because wool tweed contains lanolin, it is naturally resistant to stains and odours. Of course, even tweed is not immune to everyday dirt and grime. In order to maintain the classic look and natural beauty of your tweed, you will need to clean it from time to time.
2. Lightly sponge the tweed with a solution of mild detergent in warm water and leave to dry naturally.

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